How To Remodel With “Aging In Place” In Mind

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Aging in place is the ideal scenario for any senior citizen who wants to avoid giving up their privacy and individuality without having to worry about suffering a life-threatening injury at home. In case you’re looking to make aging in place safer for you or a loved one, let’s take a look at some features that make life easier for the elderly.

1. No-Slip Flooring

No-slip flooring should be a staple in any home designed with aging in place in mind. Slippery floors are the cause of far too many falls among the elderly each year, and by introducing some rubber mats and other non-slip surfaces like a solid surface shower floor, you can make slips and falls a lot less likely.

2. Handlebars in the Shower

Even with a no-slip surface in your shower, slips can still happen. Soapy water and other liquids can make things more slippery than is safe for an elderly person, so having so handlebars to grab onto can make the difference between falling in the shower or not. 

3. No Steps or Curbs

This is another tip that applies mostly to the shower, but can be used elsewhere as well. Steps and curbs are hard to navigate when you aren’t as young and spry as you used to be. Eliminate steps and curbs from your shower by installing a walk-in shower. These will also afford you the opportunity to install a folding seat in the shower, another major convenience for the elderly who get tired more easily in the shower. 

4. Motion-Activated Lighting

Lights that come on automatically are a way to make life easier for the elderly. Especially for outdoor areas like a backyard patio where you may or may not have backyard drainage ideas in the works, automatic motion-lights can help prevent you or a loved one from bumping into a grill or tripping over the cat. 

5. Eliminate Drafts

Nothing chills your bones like feeling a cold draft waft in from under the window. For senior citizens, this can be especially jarring and even lead to illness. By weatherproofing windows and doors, you can eliminate drafts and keep a home cozy and comfortable. Regular plastic and tape or weatherstrips might do the trick, but a specialized product such as an AirDam will work even better.

Make Life as Easy and Safe as Possible for Your Elderly Loved Ones

There’s nothing scarier than getting a call that your elderly loved one has been injured at home by themselves. Incidents like these claim the lives of far too many people who are dearly loved by their family. 

If you want to help your loved one age in place safely and not have to transition into a nursing home, the tips and features in this article will make it much safer to do so. Hopefully, by implementing these features, the elderly loved ones in your life can continue to safely and happily age in the comfort of their own home.

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